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Post  shinobi61 on Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:41 am

So guys heres the thing a Guy i know (=GM= Orionfire) who i have done bugtesting for in the past has got a new kamael server which he hopes to go live in the next week - 2weeks. One main thing i can tell you is that he is an awesome admin / coder also he is older than the majority of us and has a Dev Team too (hence active gm team and fast fixes) .... another good thing is i will have some influence on how the initial ingame setup is worked, thus i will put this to him :

20x exp, 20x drop, 25x adena, 25x sp, 2x party bonus
40 minute Buffs!
30 minute Songs & Dances
Increased Drop Rate on NG, D, and C grade Weapons and Armor to help new players.
Safe enchant level is 3 on all items
Increased Drop Rate on Enchant Scrolls
Max enchant level on all equipment is 25.
Standard Enchant Scroll has 65% success rate, and can break the item upon failure.
Crystal Enchant Scroll has 75% success rate, and can break the item upon failure.
Blessed Enchant Scroll has 100% success rate, and does not break the item upon failure.
Equipped items don't drop upon death

NPC Buffer located inside every clan hall, castle, and at every starting location
But castles have also a GK

No Job Quests Required
Custom Gold Bar NPC to bank adena.
Custom Recipe Shop NPC located in a secret location that vends A/S recipes for Ancient Adena, and Medals
Grocer for all ss and all arrows mana hp pots.
Custom C grade armoury Giran
Custom B grade armoury Aden

I'll have more info soon so i'll keep you posted PS i have posted this at the imperial ally forum theres interest there too....


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Post  Hyphen on Tue Feb 05, 2008 10:28 am

Hey man..

I posted this reply on the Imperial Forum, as well... A few ideas I have to tweak the fun a bit..

~ Do away with 60% Recipes.. make only 100% drop. And MAKE A grade rec's drop!!
~ Make 2-handed weapons safely enchantable to +4 (Duals.. Poles.. Staffs)
~ Make a "Crystal Exchange" for A-C (possibly B?) grade Enchant Scrolls and for Life Crystals lvls 2-10
~Include B Grade Weapons/Gear into the Giran Lux. Shop. (and for God's sakes.. have him put in FULL sets of armor for purchase with crystals.. I know there are missing pieces/parts to certain sets starting at C grade in there.. like boots, or gloves.. etc.)
~Tatoo NPC
~FREE subclasses!!
~Tell OrionFire to go check out the CH buffers on L2Godz.. implement one similar to that.. they are quite nice. ^^


I'm sure I can come up with a lot more suggestions, so let me know once he has a forum up. Cheers.


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