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Post  Danius on Tue Apr 15, 2008 3:22 pm

If you haven't noticed, there are a lot of players in the clan who like to raid, and the server itself facilitates those who like to raid with some of the modifications that the GMs have made to the server. For one, all raid bosses are level 78 throughout the entire server. Because of the raid-happy atmosphere within the clan, I would like to set some guidelines based on raiding:

1. The game itself is set up to allow a raid to drop items only if everyone attacking (or in a party with those attacking) the raid are within 9 levels of the raid boss. Since all raid bosses are level 78, everyone would have to be in the range of levels 69-80 for the raid to drop anything at all. Not only that, but if everyone is within 3 levels, there is the greatest chance for the maximum number of drops. If everyone is within 6 levels (but not 3), there is a smaller chance, and then within 9 levels (but not 6), even smaller still. For this reason, you will not normally be invited to attend a raid unless you are level 72, and even in some cases, level 75. Normally, this will be decided based on the amount of people needed to kill the raid boss. We will do what we can to help those of you who are interested in raiding get to the level you need to be to be able to do so.

2. Not only is your level important, but the class itself that you intend to raid with. Some of the classes in the game, unfortunately, do very little damage to a raid boss. So for that reason, it is important for you to have a "Raid Class" if you plan on raiding on a consistent basis. If you do not have a raid class, but otherwise qualify to raid, you may be invited to raid a few times, but we do expect you to start working on a "raid class" if you want to continue to raid. I have listed what classes I consider to be a "Raid Class" below:

Daggerists - Treasure Hunter/Adventurer (human), Plainswalker/Wind Rider (elf), Abyss Walker/Ghost Hunter (dark elf)
Archers - Hawkeye/Sagittarius (human), Silver Ranger/Moonlight Sentinel (elf), Phantom Ranger/Ghost Sentinel (dark elf)
Tanks (normally only used in a raid consisting in a full party of 9) - Paladin/Phoenix Knight (human), Temple Knight/Eva's Templar (elf)
Others - Destroyer/Titan (orc)

Nukers - Sorcerer/Archmage (human), Spellsinger/Mystic Muse (elf), Spellhowler (dark elf)
Healer (normally only used in a raid consisting in a full party of 9) - Bishop/Cardinal (human)
Others - Necromancer/Soultaker (human), Overlord/Dominator (orc)

*These are the classes that I consider to be verified. There may be others, and if you believe something is missing from this list, talk to me in-game.

more to come...


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